Pragmatic Tarot

Tarot as a map of meaning

The Tarot does not tell fortunes. Strip away the superstition and the Tarot is a language that describes different states and perspectives in the process of change. The power of the Tarot is essentially literacy. Where someone without the "power" to read, sees little more than a mess, a literate person finds Shakespeare.

Open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world around you. Learn the language of change in an immersive, 22 day online journey.

Get Instant Strategic Insight for yourself, your project or organization. Book a Strategic Tarot session and untangle your narrative.

Why use Tarot?

The Tarot offers a unique way to unravel complex situations, change your narrative and see a path forward - simply by making sense of what you already know. Forget fortune telling! Tarot simply presents you with alternative perspectives, and opens you to new ways of seeing.

The underlying structure of the Tarot has extremely practical applications - in a wide variety of contexts.

Project management

The sequence of the cards can be the steps in the lifecycle of your work. Seeing the big picture, you'll be better able to anticipate and prepare for the different stages of a project.


The Tarot cards are a set of archetypes, symbols and narratives. Learning to recognise and work with these states will give you a whole new set of tools.


Life gets tangled and the mess gets stressful. The Tarot can help you better understand and communicate how you feel and what's underneath. It opens up deep and meaningful conversations.

The structure of the Tarot can also be used to create frameworks for complex areas of knowledge. This system for ethics in AI and big data is actually based on the Tarot.

The Tarot Cycle

The tarot as a system

Pragmatic Tarot is a practical, structured, approach to the cards, developed over 20 years. At it's foundation lies the idea that the Tarot cards can be seen as a system, a continuum of meaning, that maps a universal cycle of change from beginning to end.

The structure of the Pragmatic Tarot system makes it possible to apply the wisdom of the Tarot in many different contexts, and makes makes the cards easier to learn by connecting each card together and revealing how one evolves into the next.

The numbers


Learning to read might be one of the most important things we can do to make sense of our changing world. It's also not as hard as you might expect. The Tarot cards all represent inner states that you already know.

The Pragmatic Tarot workshops have been designed to make it as easy as possible to become literate in the nature of change. They immerse you in the cards, connecting them to your daily experience, developing both your logical and intuitive understanding.

I guarantee that learning the Tarot will be deeply valuable.


Your body, and the right half of your brain, has been designed to read change, to pluck patterns out of "chaos". The Tarot is a structured, logical framework that gives your left brain a way to trust, interpret and communicate the non-verbal information from your right brain - your intuition.

Pragmatic Tarot is a systemic approach to Tarot. It's an ongoing exploration of how to understand the interconnections between each card, and to see the cards as a whole, rather than as individuals.

Pragmatic Tarot is the work of Peter Brownell, who has been studying the cards, and applying their underlying system in multiple contexts for 20+ years.


You already know most of what you need to know about the Tarot.

Pragmatic Tarot strips away the layers of superstition and connects the Tarot with your own personal experience of life. Learning the Tarot will give you a whole new set of words and symbols to better understand the nature of change. .

A flexible, collaborative and fun learning experience

The Pragmatic Tarot courses take place with a group of people over a period of days. We learn together, exploring the cards day by day, sharing the journey with observations, images and more.

Each course starts with an live, but optional, intro session over Zoom, and the rest takes place on Telegram. You can tune in and out and engage at whatever level suits you.

It's a personal journey

Instead of seeing the Tarot as a set of arcane symbols, the Pragmatic Tarot courses make Tarot a lived experience.

As we work through the cards, one day at a time. we'll also be working through the incredible philosophy of change that the Tarot contains. Each card presents you with a different facet of your own personal experience, a state of being, and it allows you to put a name to something that you will find completely familiar.

It will also change you.


"Thanks so much for setting up this course and all your hard work and incredible insights. It’s on another level amazing!" - Helen

"Having no reference to the spiritual or fortune-telling aspect of the Tarot made it even easier for me to learn, for I can only view the world from a scientific perspective.

With his deep understanding of the Tarot combined with the broad knowledge of numerology, astrology, Kabbala etc., Pete helps you dive deep into the meaning of the cards, and in turn yourself. I honestly can't recommend this workshop highly enough. " - Mori

Upcoming classes

September 2021 - Introduction to Pragmatic Tarot

Instant Insight / Strategic Tarot

Practical strategic advice for leaders within organizations and projects, or people on a mission.

The Tarot is not a fortune telling device, it's just a language of change. Strategic Tarot won't reveal your future, but it's pretty amazing what it can do to help you get a clearer ideas of the present.

I use the Tarot, a left/right brain, whole system map carefully structured to map patterns of change. By combining different possibilities, and looking for relationships, I will help you restructure the way you understand the challenges you face, pick out some clear areas for focus your strategy on, and give you fresh energy to move forward.

There is no superstitious fluff, there is no need to "believe". The insight we gain together comes from our own abilities to recognise patterns and make connections. The symbols and archetypes of the Tarot have been finely crafted over hundreds of years to make sense of the complexity life throws at us.

There have been few times in history more complex than now.

Pricing for individuals

1 hour consultation£100

Pricing for organizattions

2 hour consultation£250
(optional) report£250

Money back guarantee

I accept that using Tarot as a tool for strategy might seem unusual. If, after 30 minutes, you're not convinced, we'll just end the session - with no charge.

I offer reading and "Strategic Tarot" services via my personal website.



I'm based in London, UK. East side!