Workshop: The foundations of Pragmatic Tarot

Take the first steps, or take a new direction, in this one day introduction to Pragmatic Tarot. The workshop will introduce you to the concepts of the universal pattern, how it applies to Major and Minor Arcana, and take you through the basics of the Celtic Cross layout. The workshop will give you solid foundations, and the ability to continue to explore the cards without fear.

The one day intensive, foundation workshop is available to both Tarot beginners and those with existing knowledge. The pragmatic system can enhance an existing Tarot practice by providing a consistent framework for intuitive card reading.


  • The Universal Process (How everything changes in 10 easy steps)
  • The structure of the deck
  • The Major Arcana
  • How to learn the cards with the pragmatic reference spread
  • The Minor Arcana
  • Performing readings with the Celtic Cross
  • How to keep learning the cards

You will need to have your own set of cards, and a notebook. If you don’t have them already, select the right ticket option and I’ll provide them.

Learn how to learn the Tarot

The Tarot cannot be learned in a day. I’m not sure you can really learn it in a lifetime. My objective in this workshop is to teach you how to learn the Tarot. Although every card has a huge wealth of information encoded into it’s imagery, without a simple framework, you can get lost trying to understand it all. The Pragmatic approach provides a clear set of steps that allow you to get your feet on the ground, and guide your own journey.

I really believe that the power of the Tarot lies in the way it combines both left and right brain capabilities. This approach is a system, it follows a clear logical set of rules, but these steps create a confidence that allows you to trust your intuition. If you need to refer to a book all the time, those intuitive leaps cannot take place. The universal, 10 stage pattern, is one way to work with the cards without any external references.

Making peace with a changing world

There is no need to associate any new age or mystical connotations to the Tarot. We'll be approaching the cards in a practical and psychological manner without any mumbo-jumbo. You don't need to "believe" in anything.

The Tarot is a book that teaches the philosophy of change. In understanding the Tarot, it is possible to see that change is the natural way of the world, and that it’s not just a random set of events. In making peace with change, you can make peace with your world.

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My journey

I discovered Tarot when I was 20 and have kept cards on me ever since. I found the cards because I was looking for some universal structures to stories and myths. The tarot seemed to have some insights on the topic, and when I did a little more reading and exploring, I found something much bigger.

As a programmer by profession I found that the cards had a very clear system by which they worked. I have spent 20 years pulling the deck apart and trying to understand it’s mechanics. After about a decade I decided I had a nice, clear logical system that could explain everything. Unfortunately, this clear rational approach got punctured by a simple question, “So when does your intuition take over?”.

Over the next 10 years I came to respect that the intuition was an equal part of the process. We forget to value the irrational, and the Tarot has taught me so much about the importance of left and right balance.

The Tarot has defined my outlook on the world, it has given me tools that I apply in every aspect of my life. The ability to work with change and the unknown is now the foundation of all my professional work.

I love these cards and what they have taught me, and I truly think that learning to read this book will make your life better.