The Pragmatic Celtic Cross - Version 1

The basic idea of Pragmatic Tarot is that there is only one sequence. The same sequence is reflected in the positions of the Celtic Cross. Position one has the meaning of… one. Position two is number two. Card three has the same meaning as number three. Notice a pattern?

The Celtic Cross is my favourite card layout, for a number of reasons. For pragmatic purposes, it works because it uses 10 stage sequence we use for learning the cards. Since we are always working with exactly the same meanings, it is possible to cross reference our understanding of the position of the card with our interpretation of the number.

Since number three is always going to be about emergence, then position three will be the emerging possibilities. The number four will always refer to rules, foundations and structures, so this will apply to both the card and the position.

There are a few variations on the Celtic cross layout. I recommend that you research and try them all, but the exact position does not really matter, it only works as a mnemonic, and helps the search for connections.

The reference

This reference sheet is a version of my current interpretation of each position. To be honest, I’ve most probably updated my understanding of the cards since this was made, but that’s not really a problem - it should be useful anyway.

At the risk of repeating myself one more time, everything I share here is simply the result of my explorations of the numbers. It’s a constant and ongoing journey. To use the cards, you will need your own path, but we can definitely share some notes.