Pragmatic Readings

I don’t do “tall dark stranger” kind of readings. To me that’s generally $%&*#! Although I am happy to accept that some people are able to “predict” things from the cards, I really don’t think it matters.

I work with the cards as strategy. Granted, it’s a more intuitive form of strategy than most of us are used to, but I am perfectly comfortable using these cards in a board room wearing a suit.

The details

£45 for a 45 minute session

In person in East London or remote via Skype.

It’s not fortune-telling and don’t fear that Death card

A bunch of cards with pictures will not tell you anything you don’t know. They will not tell you the future, and they are not going to control your destiny. They are just pictures in random order.

However, the way in which the cards have been constructed to mirror the natural cycle of change means that, through the combination of logic and intuition, they can provide amazing insights. It’s like walking up a hill and looking down at your life, it will be great.

I love reading for people, and it’s an great way to have a very interesting conversation. Get in touch.