Tarot without superstition

A language of change

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The Tarot tells no fortunes.

The Tarot cards allow us to use both logic and intuition to aid our understanding of the world around us. Tarot defines a set of stages in an archetypal change process. By learning the cards one is able to recognise the natural patterns that constantly appear in our lives.

The idea that the Tarot magically tells the future is a nice one, and one that has given many people power over the years, but it is a superstition. Perhaps some people are able to tell the future, but that would have nothing to do with pictures on some pieces of cardboard.

The Tarot does however provide a way to interpret patterns, and by using pictures rather than words, it allow the intuition to inform some very interesting leaps in understanding. These jumps can feel like magic, but they are a product of our sub-conscious. (But, that is such a mysterious thing, it might as well be magic.)

A systemic approach to Tarot

Pragmatic tarot is a system for learning and understanding the cards. The pragmatic approach asserts that we simply need to understand one universal change process: We need to know how things begin, grow older, end and start over.

If we understand how this process is represented in the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10, we can deduce the meanings of all the cards - without any further reference material. There is no secret knowledge required to understand the tarot. There are no special abilities needed.

This universal cycle can be found in the Zodiac, the Kabbalah, and in many other systems. If we step back and look at our world with a little perspective, we can see the pattern all around us. There are common properties that can be identified in the phases of transformation of young through to old, of morning through to night, of spring through to winter. It is the exploration of these properties that has formed the foundation of every esoteric system. The Tarot is simply a pictorial representation of this universal pattern.

To learn the Tarot, simply study how things change.

Take the first steps, or take a new direction, in this one day introduction to Pragmatic Tarot. The workshop will introduce you to the concepts of the universal pattern, how it applies to Major and Minor Arcana, and take you through the basics of the Celtic Cross layout. The workshop will give you solid foundations, and the ability to continue to explore the cards without fear.

The Tarot is the best reference material for learning Tarot. To use the tarot, you need to trust your intuition, and you can’t do that if you keep checking a book.

The basic idea of Pragmatic Tarot is that there is only one sequence. The same sequence is reflected in the positions of the Celtic Cross. Position one has the meaning of… one. Position two is number two. Card three has the same meaning as number three. Notice a pattern?

Every now and then I run workshops in London. If you would like to be kept up to date with what’s going on, join the mailing list.

The Tarot is a map

Like the clock face, the Tarot lays out a cycle. That same repeating sequence which maps out the way in which one moment becomes the next. The cards represent the morning, noon, and night, youth, middle age and death. The cards tell the cycle of life.

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If you wanna make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

The Tarot, from the perspective of each of the Major Arcana.

The Tarot is a tool to help find a clear direction

The Tarot is a way to uncover what is hidden

The Tarot allows you to perceive the patterns flowing through your life

The Tarot is a set of interconnected symbols that map the structure of change

The Tarot is a means of communicating with a deeper part of yourself

The Tarot is a tool to build and deepen relationships

The Tarot is a way to let go of control and go with the flow

The Tarot allows you to sense how to unlock the potential in any situation

The Tarot is a mirror

The Tarot is a way to make peace with the uncontrollable nature of change

The Tarot reveals the balance that is always present

The Tarot is a way to surrender the idea that your consciousness is in control

The Tarot is a language of transformation

The Tarot is an system for internal, spiritual Alchemy

The Tarot reveals your boundaries

The Tarot will push you to keep moving beyond your comfort zone

The Tarot is a way to explore possible directions

The Tarot allows you to work through deep, emotional situations

The Tarot can release your creativity

The Tarot helps you move on

The Tarot is like looking down at your life from a tall mountain

The Tarot is a never ending journey of discovery